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Deal With Tickets Entirely on the Web: No Appearance Needed
A Payment Process as Speedy as You


 I have a 99 percent success rate in getting tickets reduced or dismissed.

To use this service, make sure the following conditions apply:

  • Simple tickets (up to 3),

  • 0-6 points,

  • violations only (no appearances needed).

This service costs a $235 Flat fee.  Please pay with credit card by clicking the box below or by mailing me a check.



After payment, I will need a copy of your ticket(s) to proceed. You have a few options in delivering them to me.

  • Email me a scan of the tickets  to lawbrown1@aol. com

  • Fax them to 315-633-8225

  • Mail them to : POB 669 Bridgeport, NY 13030.  

Please also include in your communication your name, address, phone number, preferred contact method, and circumstances regarding the tickets.

I will take care of the tickets by mail, you will NOT have to come to Court for a violation.

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